How VR Takes You to the Next Level



Virtual reality is beginning to appear everywhere and people are realizing the value that it brings to multiple areas of life. Though the idea of virtual reality is not new, the improvements and mainstream leaps in the form of more accessible equipment are recent innovations. The novelty of today’s virtual reality technology makes it difficult to gauge fairly its positives and negatives, but it is assured that VR can take business owners, gamers, producers, and casual users to the next level. For proof just take a look at the reviews of recently released products such as the Oculus Rift, Gear VR, VR experience apps, and additional rising innovations. It’s clear that VR offers many benefits. Here’s why.

For Movers and Makers

A 360-degree panoramic camera is useful if you’re a business owner for the creation of virtual reality pictures and videos. VR content can boost revenue, engage and attract more customers, and get word about your services out. Collaborate with another business to design your own virtual reality apps, photos, and videos.

Here are three companies that have taken on VR to take them to the next level.

  • YouTube

Just began featuring 360 video on the website. View 3D videos and spherical panoramas. You can also upload your own videos for more leads and advertising if your business has a YouTube channel.

  • Runtastic

Virtual reality fitness company that corrects your poses using controls and sensors.

  • Icaros

Another fitness company taking on virtual reality. It gets people to work out in the form of a virtual reality game by overcoming obstacles and hitting targets.

For Fun and Learning

For casual users or consumers of VR, the new platform means opening the doors for more fun and learning. The ways in which VR can take you to the next level in your everyday life are limitless.

Just chilling and watching a video? Why not experience it in VR? Viewing 3D 360 videos is great way to have more interactive fun, whether you’re binge watching mini-series or laughing at online blooper reels.

Maybe you’re busy studying for a test or learning a new skill. Watching tutorials and lesson videos in VR provide a better chance of remembering what you learn.

Virtually visit places you’ve never been for an affordable “vacation”. Many travel agencies, such as Virtual360Tourist, have 360 videos that enable you to explore a new location.

Gamers are delighted the emergence of VR tech. Playing in VR heightens the experience of the game with numerous controls to simulate reality.