Taking Panorama to the Next Level



When practicing the panorama style for awhile, you can take it to another level. You can perfect your skills already obtained with alignment and stitching, and you can learn even more editing tools to make the most professional panorama photo or video possible. Your skills can start off from the awkward, beginner level to an expert level. Also, you will be truly amazed of the development of your skills, when you are working with different devices and tools, such as the Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft products, an Oculus Rift video, 360 degree filming, a virtual reality camera, a 3d new video, a spherical video, and a stereoscopic video camera.

Taking the Perfect Panoramic Photos
First of all, to take the perfect 360 panoramic video or photo possible, you must use certain techniques and equipment. Some equipment are not what they are cracked up to be. However, products mentioned above, for instance, are totally amazing in producing the best creation possible. Additionally, you must have a camera or smartphone, a tripod, and a panorama editor. With the tripod, it must be centered and levelled on the floor or ground. Also, shots should be taken at 10 degree intervals, with the sun being just off the screen for the first shot. You must also stay focus, and move around accordingly so that the shadow won’t be shown in the photos. Other things that should be done for perfect panoramic photos include the computer and the panorama editor, and they include the following steps:

• Align pictures accordingly, with possible removing of one or few photos
• Mark certain areas on the photos to align and even the pictures more perfectly
• Crop the pictures as needed
• Use the eraser to get rid of shadows and other unwanted images

Advanced Stitching Techniques
For even more perfection in taking panorama to the next level, more in depth knowledge and skill are required. This is when great photoshopping techniques come into play. One thing to do, to increase your skills, is to get more familiar with the tools menu; the editing menu; the filter menu, the zooming in or out feature; the use of arrow keys; setting the ruler line; the selecting an area tool; and the click and dragging operation. With these operations, you can crop the edges, zoom in for more detail, work on the overlapping, moving accordingly for better alignment, and also trim as needed.

Other Perfection Tips
There are other things to take note of, and do for complete perfection. For one, you can choose to do cylindrical or spherical. Another thing that may be required is to make different layers and merge them together. For instance, you may have the regular, eye level, and you may have to do the ceiling and floor levels as well. And if this is the case, you must work one layer at a time in editing, and then merge the layers. With these layers, trimming, and clicking and dragging are most likely needed. Additionally, eliminating overlapping with the use of a ruler line, the marquee tool and clicking and dragging are most likely needed.