How to Shoot a Music Video Panorama Style



Panoramic videos are the way to go. From the production of thrilling images and captivating videos captured during nature walks, the technology is now employed in making music videos. After a series of successful video shots from the artists who first tried the technology in that field, so many have followed, producing even better Oculus videos in the music industry.

When the music video is made to be a 3d stereoscopic video, it becomes entirely different from the traditional videos. It focuses on using virtual reality in film. The video is thus immersive, and the viewer has the privilege of watching a high-quality HD.

What You Need To Shoot a Panorama Music Video

There are trending issues in the general creation of a 360 spherical panorama that has enabled the making of music videos using the technology. The following are very useful when on is to shoot the video;
• A Kodak’s sp360 Action Camera. This normally captures 360 degree HD videos. The images are immersive and done in just a single shot. The lenses used for these cameras are known for capturing videos that are shot and can be viewed from multiple vantage points. This is done in a panorama mode.
• A Ricoh Theta S is also needed for the music videos to achieve the 360-degree spherical panorama. Richoh Theta S has a maximum recording time of 25 minutes. It is well equipped with super-small twin lens in a kind of a folded optical manner.
• An Odyssey is also used. This contains 16 GoPro HERO4 Black cameras. This is an essential part of the 360 camera mount.

Guidelines During Shooting

The main challenge that was faced by the first people who created 3d video is the issue of the placement and general positioning of the cameras. It should be noted that once the shooting process begins, the camera’s position can never be adjusted. One must, therefore, do a correct placement to achieve the 360 degree effect.
There should be a close proximity between the cameras and the action. This is set before the activity. This is a matter of concern since the zoom in or out option is not available for the panoramic music videos.

To record a full sphere, the height at which the camera is placed is of concern so that the video characters do not appear shorter or taller than their correct heights.
The surrounding’s lighting need to be considered and appropriately placed in the video such that they become part of the scene. If it is not possible to integrate the lights into the video, then one needs more cameras where some serve the purpose of hiding the lights.Use of moving cameras in an attempt to achieve the full sphere is very detrimental and only produces unpleasant scenes. They should be avoided.

Editing The Panoramic Music Videos

It should be noted that once the videos are done, there are usually no options such as onset playback, change in angles or depths, reviewing, light adjustments or even movement of characters.

Editing is thus a great challenge. However, there a three methods that can be used to do this; one, it is possible to use a hero camera which makes it possible to change certain aspects of the video during the stitching of the footages. Two, one may opt for the multiple camera systems. These cameras have an editing software installed in them. Here, the footages are edited just before the stitching based on the settings of the software.
Lastly, there is a pre-stitching method. The shots are select right from the data at the latlong and the footages edited.

Apart from editing, there are ways to make your VR video look better after the shooting process. This is enhanced by the post production tools such as Skybox Studio, which helps output the video to YouTube in its highest quality form and the Trapcode suite that ensures that the 360 video is totally immersive.