Best Cameras for Panorama



Many years back, Panoramic photography used to be a painstaking task with hours of overlapping and stitching images on photograph paper. But, today everything is digitalized including photography. Not every camera can capture Panorama images. They are special kind of cameras that can cover a wide range from mere 120 to full 360 panoramic video camera. For example, 360 spherical camera captures the image around for 360 degrees. If that is not enough, then there is 3d stereoscopic camera stimulating binocular vision and capturing three-dimensional images, which are generally used for making 3d movies. They may be a little pricey than the average cameras, but the images are gorgeously stunning.

Top Cameras for Panoramic Photography

• Sony TX Series DSC-TX9/H Digital Camera. It not only takes widescreen shots but also records right eye and left eye separately giving you a 3 d effect.
• Horizon 202 Panoramic Camera are not only perfect taking landscape photography, but fashion photography as well. It is perfect for professional with the integral lens, vertical and horizontal lens fields. Pretty simple to use.
• Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W350. All you need to do it to sweep the camera around and capture the frames and it would automatically stitch the images together to give you an exclusive flawless show.
• GigaPan Epic Pro. It is way too pricey, but it captures a wide array of images automatically and stitches them as well.

Virtual Reality – A Seamless World

Virtual Reality is something that has brought life to photographs. Oculus vr video is a big time example of virtual reality video. While stereographic cameras are being widely used to create 360-degree spherical camera are used for 360 video capture. It has redefined the world of the digital environment. Whether it is a 3d music video, or a movie, or a game; one can immerse into the joy and forget the buzzing world around anywhere with a VR gear. The three-dimensional effect is no more limited to the 3d compatible screens; it is right there in your hand.

Few Tips to Capture Flawless Panorama

It is not compulsory to use a specialized panoramic camera to take a wide shot. If you got a Panorama setting; use it. When capturing different frames, make sure you maintain a level otherwise it won’t match the frames. A movement can be a blunder – any doubling of people or blurry spot. A couple of such spots are fine, but too many of them can spoil the entire view. If you want to capture a vertical panorama, apply the same rules!