History of Panoramic Photography



Panoramic photography, also commonly known as wide format photography, is a type of photography that utilizes special equipment and software to capture a scene in a horizontally elongated view. Panoramic photography history can be traced backed to the 1830s- 1840s. This was shortly after the invention of photography itself. This type of photography came about due to people’s need to observe sceneries in different angles other than the normal view. In the early stages of panoramic photography, photographers would take aerial view photos in a series. These different photos of the same scene were placed together in order to create one image. This was possible through the use of daguerreotype and calotype technologies. The daguerreotype process used up to eleven plates, each eight and a half by six and a half inches.


• Panoramic Photos
It was not until the1860s when the panoramic photos started being printed on paper. These prints were made from large glass plate negatives. In the 1860s, there was a breakthrough in panoramic photography, where one H.H Bennett was able to print 3-4 negatives on to a huge piece of paper. Usually, these negatives were around 20 inches by 24 inches. He did this so well that you could barely tell where one negative ended or started.

• Panoramic Camera
For panoramic cameras, the history can be dated back to the 1840s. This was when the first special cameras designed for taking panoramic photos were first patented and manufactured. This cameras had special features that enabled them hold the extra-long negatives produced in panoramic photography. Joseph Puchberger was one of the earliest individuals to submit a patent for his panoramic camera.

• Panoramic Videos
Another great breakthrough in the panoramic photography industry has been the invention of the panoramic video camera. This video cameras are still undergoing developments, with the latest of their kind being the oculus rift videos camera. This videos allow for the production of vr virtual reality videos which are have a field of vr-360 degrees. Also, the production of 3d vidio and the manufacture of stereoscopic camera can be termed as great inventions in the panoramic industry in the recent years.

Panoramic Photography in the 80s

Panoramic photos in the early years could be taken through any of these two devices, one with a rotating lens but still film or one with both a rotating lens and a rotating film. The earliest most memorable panoramic photograph was taken in the 1840s using a rotating lens camera, known as the Megascope, and curved daguerreotype plates. This camera was able to reduce the unsteady speeds and also lead to better exposed photo plates.


In 1888, is when a ground-breaking breakthrough in the panoramic industry happened. The flexible film was invented. This brought about rapid manufacture of panoramic cameras with different brand names. Since then, panoramic photography has gained a lot of popularity. This is after continuous years of undergoing major research and developments. Over the years, spherical cameras have been developed. They allow a 360 degrees field view when photos are taken horizontally.