How to Get the Best Aerial Panorama Photos



Making an admirable 360-degree aerial panoramic photo is considered a tough task especially taking into consideration that the points or areas of view are in constant movement.

These photos are often taken when one is aboard an airplane, helicopter delta wings or even while parasailing. For all these the point on the ground will hardly be stable. Assembling images to come up with a panoramic aerial image is difficult due to the constant change in altitude and general position of the device that one is aboard.
Most people believe that taking such images on their own is a mission impossible.

How to do it

Take the following steps:
• Always use the default settings and persistently uncheck the cleaning of the most difficult point of the area of view. The clean version is never adapted to wide viewpoints due to the continuous shifts while shooting.
• The results of the first step are often not very good due to the too much movements. To bring this to order, the viewpoint scope needs to be optimized. The angle is available in Autopano Giga where one goes to the editor’s control points and selects the Scopes tab. Carry out a fast optimization. The panoramic image will star to form on the Autopano.
• The stitching is not perfect after optimization since the Autopano is incapable of completely correcting parallax errors. The errors must always occur due to the alterations in viewpoints.
• To correct this, the Autopano Giga has an Anti-ghost that is effective in removing this effect albeit it does no solve the problem completely.
• A localized retouch by Photoshop is thus necessary to have a clear panoramic image. The retouch should be as fast as possible.

Terms to understand

A Panoramic video camera system is known to be the best for making virtual reality videos during the panoramic shooting. These camera systems have lenses that typically revolve around itself on a horizontal axis hence making it possible to make 360 filming. This is a modern technology that has seen the shooting of panoramic images become a reality. Stereoscopic 3d camera will also give you a total immersion in your normal snapshots experience
For the modern cameras, the images are of HD quality and image stitching while capturing the panoramic images is almost becoming unnecessary. Such cameras are characterized by a spherical video camera with very high resolving powers as compared to the initial ones. This advancement has led to the creation of a new 3D video that is very inclusive of the viewpoints.

A look at Virtual reality videos and 360 degrees filming

This is a striking technology where the person taking the videos is wholly immersed and placed in the center of the action that he/she is covering. It is a great asset exploited by journalists while covering events.
It has made the taking of panoramic photos easier since it is now possible to download the VR App onto your phone. Once downloaded, the phone is placed inside a VR headset after the App has been opened. To get immersed, put on the headset and get the experiences of 360 degrees filming. This even enables one to take Oculus 3d video.